5 Things to keep in Mind when designing your office

Just bought your office? or Renovating the old war machine?

The big question! Open or Private?

As much as transparency is important, it is crucial to provide privacy to your employees, as and when required. The nature of work of certain employees might necessitate privacy. Similarly, some employees might require privacy while performing certain tasks. You should keep this in mind while designing your office space. 

A lot of offices today work with open office format where even the most senior employees are permanently based out of a desk just like where every other employee sits. Facebook and Google offices maybe an example of such planning. In such  a case, ensure that you incorporate design elements like screens, blinds or curtains to provide privacy to your employees, whenever required.


Here you need to interact and sit with your designer to tell him exactly how which process works in your office. He maybe skilled but you’d know your office processes better than anyone. Make sure your layout is arranged in that fashion keeping in mind that lines of circulation do not criss cross repeatedly.

Future Needs

How many people are you going to be needing 2 years down the line? Is there enough flexibility to make sure potential changes can be accommodated? You can choose furniture that can easily be moved around the office, so that employees can pull and push them as they desire. Have movable screens to make rooms as small or as large as you want them to be. You can even consider using the same room as a conference room and a resting room.

Colours & Personality

Another important consideration in the designing of an office space is the kind of business personality that you wish to portray to the outside world.

If you wish to project a highly formal, professional image of your business, your office design should contain very formal elements. On the contrary, if you wish to present a fun, quirky image, you should chose your office design accordingly. A selective burst of bright Colours is said to have positive effect on the psyche of the people working.

Light and ventilation

Light and ventilation are two other aspects that deserve to be paid a lot of attention in office designing, but which often get ignored.

Make sure that there is good air circulation in your office, as well as a good amount of light. The lights should not be too dim or too harsh on the eyes. It is a good idea to make use of natural light and air, as far as possible.

All the Best & Happy Renovating!