Things to remember when buying Tiles, Veneers and Stones

1. Size is Directly Proportional to Cost
Your bill amount is in direct proportion to the size of the Tiles/ Veneers/ Stones. Large slabs are difficult to find, cut and have logistical difficulties. Thus they are always more expense then the smaller ones. Even though a large slab would give you seamlessness it would certainly come at a great price.

2. No two slab’s would be the same
If it is a natural material like a Veneer, or Marble slab each piece is a natures individual self and its beauty lies in that alone. Large slabs are cut into smaller ones but are always packed together. This is so that you can match veins when laying or applying them.

3. The Pricing Catch
Tiles, Veneers and Stones are all high margin products. Each person in the distribution chain retains a large margin. Typically a retailer can himself give you a discount of upto 15 – 20% on the quoted price.

4. How much does it matter?
With having advanced greatly in technology, Tile manufacturers are almost replicating the feel and look of premium marble finishes at almost half the price to say the least. While the texture and quality might not be as good but the saving certainly are great.

5. Functionality Options
The decision of what type of cladding is used must depend on what works for that particular location and purpose. While polished tiles/stones might be beautiful to look at they could be a hazard in the bathroom. Tiling on the walls at some places make it maintenance free and could be aesthetically done.